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Are Termites Dangerous? 4 Reasons why YES is the answer

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Houses that are partly or wholly made of woods can be infested with termites. To most people, they are considered as some of the most destructive pests both in residential and commercial areas and can be difficult to exterminate. This is why people are opting to experts’ ways like what Termites Control Services Springfield MO provides for faster and more efficient extermination of these pests.

Termites are a colony of pests that come in 5 different types and are oftentimes seen feeding on wooden materials like furniture, ceilings, floors, walls, and more.

Sure, they are known as a threat to your house’s structure and foundation, but are they a threat to you and your family? The following are the reasons that will make you want to get rid of these pests immediately:

1. Safety threat

Because they feed on wooden materials, houses and buildings made of wood are a great candidate for their infestation. They eat on the house’s structure, making its foundation weaker as the infestation continues and prolongs. This imposes a threat as the structure may collapse anytime. Aside from the foundation, huge cabinets and ceilings that are made of woods can also break down leading to damages.

2. Skin reddening and diseases

Although termites do not impose a direct threat to your health, they can effectively induce indirect harm such as skin reddening and diseases caused by their bite and the molds that are sometimes spread by them.

Termites are not often reported as biting insects, but in some cases, they do bite. Just like other pests and bug bites, theirs also sting and may result in skin reddening. Their sting may cause you to scratch the skin area leading to wounds and scars.

Molds are sometimes spread by termites as they propagate. Molds typically live in moist areas where termites may also start to infest. Once they have spread, you might end up being exposed to molds that may cause diseases like skin allergies and other fungal infections.

3. Asthma attack

Asthma can be triggered by exercise, smoke, pollen, molds, pet dander and yes, dust mites.

This is another indirect health impact that mites bring into your home. A mite-induced asthma attack is caused by the clouds of dust that termites produce from their infestation. As they feed on your house’s wooden materials, they leave traces of wooden dust that are often pervasive for some members of the family who have asthma or those who have difficulty in breathing.

4. Chemical risks

Because termites are pervasive, some house owners may choose to use pesticides to get rid of them. Some people may underestimate the harmful effects of these chemicals that are improperly used. Chemicals may cause acute and even chronic effects that can occur months or years after exposure. This includes nausea, rashes, blisters, birth defects, dizziness, immunotoxicity, and even cancer. This effectively affects anyone in the house especially pregnant women, children, infants, and those who are sensitive to chemicals. We highly recommend hiring a pest control expert when there is a termite infestation in your house.

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