Different Types of Hardwood Flooring Materials

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Nowadays, hardwood flooring is already increasing in popularity and it is actually one of the most sought after durable flooring choices by home owners and commercial property owners and this is especially true when selecting a prefinished hardwood flooring to install. As a matter of fact, some prefinished hardwood floor comes with a fifty years warranty from manufacturers. With some few tips and basic carpentry skills, installing a hardwood flooring can be done on your own but it is strongly recommended that you hire a professional and experienced hardwood flooring installation company to do it for you since they are already experts in the field and they are highly trained when it comes to providing you with top notch hardwood flooring installation services.   

Aside from that, they also have the right tools and equipment to use during the hardwood installation process, which means you will never have to buy or rent the needed equipment should you decide to do the job on your own. In addition to that, if you want to get the job done right the first time around and to save a lot of money by not making repetitive mistakes and wasting materials because of it, it’s really worth considering hiring a professional and skilled hardwood flooring installation contractor. On the other hand, if you really have enough knowledge, skills, and background on how to install hardwood flooring in your home, then you can try installing it yourself. In this article, you will learn some of the most basic types of hardwood flooring  

Hardwood flooring can actually be used in almost any room in a house but kitchens are quite popular now. Usually, ¾ inches Brazilian Teak is installed over a plywood that is ¾ inches thick as well. If you’re installing hardwood flooring on a concrete slab or if you have any problem with the height, then you can use 3/8 inches hardwood flooring materials since they are much thinner.   

When talking about hardwood flooring, you often think of some unfinished flooring that you need to sand and finish. However, there are a lot of hardwood flooring installation service providers nowadays that are offering prefinished hardwood flooring installation. This means that there’s a laminate with an extremely thin layer of wood that is glued to the press boards. It’s relatively inexpensive, however, in the long run, it is better to use solid hard wood with ¾ inches wear layer, which can be sanded down as well as refinished later on if there’s any damage.  

Furthermore, there are different choices as far as grades and width go. There are basically 3 grades and these are:  

  1. Select Red Oak 

This is a high-grade hardwood material. This piece is about 2 to ¾ inches wide and it usually has a little color variation and has very little knots.  

  1. Natural Maple 

This material has more small knots here and there and also has more color variation. The piece is about 3 to ¼ inches wide and usually comes in 4 inches, 5 inches or 6 inches in width.  

  1. Rustic Ash 

This piece has more color variation and larger knots. It still makes a good hardwood flooring and much lower in price. If you want to know more about hardwood flooring materials, click here 

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